Value of continuing education in the professional world

Many of the working class individuals in our corporate world are often dissatisfied with their jobs and usually eyeing at a more interesting and higher rank in their company. They are usually stuck at the particular post or rank because they do not have enough expertise and education to work or take on more responsibility.

Top 3 reasons why you are not getting apromotion are as follows:

  • You are not working productively at your current position
  • You have no higher education DEGREE required for that post (although you have expertise!!)
  • Lastly, you might not use your skills in an efficient way.

Look for these above three reasons and evaluate where you are lacking

However, one of the most significant reasons from the above stated 3 reasons is the second one; which says that you do not have any higher education degree which might help you in getting a lead position in your company although you have the required expertise to serve at that position productively.

Maybe 20 years back you do not require a specialized degree to get a promotion in your office, and only expertise and skills are the criteria for a promotion and more responsibility.

However, to be honest, this is not the case in today’s modern world where there are hundreds of graduates and Masters forming a queue to get the position you are aiming to be at.

To be fair and very direct, companies are looking at your Degrees more contentedly than your skills and working capabilities. If an individual wants to become a Chief Financial Officer at a multinational company, he must hold a professional CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT certificate in his file and his technical expertise and skills would also be necessarily examined but that might be a secondary consideration for rank.


So, this is need of an hour to study further irrespective if your age and position in your company in order to get successful in getting the dream position you always want for yourself.

According to a report, most of the individuals who are applying for continuing education are aged 35 or above which means many of them smells the need that without a particular level of education they cannot excel in their field and cannot pursue the highest rank in their field.

Moreover, continuing education is not only required for adding a Degree in your bag, but it is also important to polish your skills and expertise which might help you in encountering the challenges that you might have to face at your job.

In fact, most of the organizations are also encouraging their employees to continue their education with ajob to nurture their skills and get eligible for ahigher post with more responsibility.

Higher education did not only give extensive knowledge of the field to the individuals but also make them responsible and make them aware of the technicalities and difficulties of the field and how they can be tackled at the workplace.

So, have you make up your mind to continue your education. If YES, then it will give you greater utility in your career and the perks of it will be witnessed by yourself in sometime near in your career.

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