1 hour is allocated with no transfer time given.

In this part, there are a total of 40 questions. There is a variety of questions, some of which includes matching of headings, information, features, and sentence completion including note, flowchart, diagram label, summary completion. This set of question also includes multiple choice questions, identification of writer’s point of view and information.

Test Parts:

This part consists of 3 sections which consists of 2150-2750 words in total.

Academic Reading:

The sections are based on one long text which are from authentic sources such as newspapers, books, various magazines, and study journals. The texts are based on interesting topics which relates to academics only and have been drafted for a non-specialist reader. This text can help those candidates who are entering the test for under or post-graduate program or even those who wants to seek professional education. The content of text can be either factual, descriptive, or even analytical writing or discursive one. Diagrams and illustrations are also part of this text along with this a glossary is provided to students if the content has special jargons in it.


The pattern of the reading test is basically that you will be given a total of 3 passages which you will have to read and answer around 40 questions in one hour. Each passage will have 3 to 4 questions related to it. The format of the questions will be a multiple choice or a true false which means that you will not have to write anything but actually project your reading skills.


General Training:


Section 1 is structured with either 2 or 3 short texts based on factual content. One of them might be composite which will comprise of short six to eight texts that are related to each other for instance marketing of a new school. The topics provided are very common in daily life of every English country.

Section 2, this section is basically based on two factual pieces of writing which have their topic regarding working environment. Examples may include, the type of work, the benefits, the pay scale, succession planning and training of staff.

Section 3, the content of this section is much more and is complex but is a general interest topic. The content is taken from reliable books, journals, magazines, authentic documents, and various newspapers


Download Material:

After practicing through the Cambridge books as mentioned in the Listening Section of this website, advance yourself for the 4 very best General Training Reading Tests with additional Listening Tests also included in this at very reasonable cost of $20 only.

Another best book for General Training Reading is hidden in this General Training Advance Reading Tests. You can also opt for this book which lists 5 very challenging exams. The cost of this book is only $25.


For each right answer, a student is awarded 1 mark and then out of total of 40 marks the obtained marks are translated into IELTS 9 bands. Marks are reported in either whole or a half band scale.

All material is password protected, So in order to run the files, Please contact us and pay accordingly.
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