Pearsons Test of English (PTE)

PTE – Introduction and Benefits of doing it

Pearsons Test of English (PTE), is one of the most recognized language skill test which is taken to qualify as a Student who wishes to go abroad for higher studies or even by a migrant to different countries especially Australia. Unlike IELTS,PTE is not tested on band score but the marks set in each of the skills tested, is converted to a 90-score level. The applicants can see how much marks are desired for their need and workout for that particular cause.

PTE is not as much popular as IELTS but it is considered to be somewhat easier because the whole examination is carried out on a computer and a lot of time can be saved which is wasted in writing and other related activities. However, thereare a few issues that the timer which is usually controlled manually in IELTS is automatic in PTE and the computer is programmed to actually move on to the next activity in line at a given time.

Therefore, applicants have to be very much careful about the time that is allocated to them and obviously, being time efficient needs a whole lot of practice.

For practicing the Pearsons Test of English, we also offer a very low cost and a high efficiency material through which you can ace the PTE test easily, with no doubt. In case of any issue or for further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on the email addresses mentioned.

PTE Download Material:

In order to ease the PTE Academic, this set of Offline Practice Tests with Solutons will help you in building up the basics as well as prepare you for the online test environment. This set will cost you just $10.

Next in line is the PTE Academic Test Builder which is one of the recommended preparatory set of tests on the PTE site itself. It has 4 widespread tests with all the answers and explanation in the end in a very easy and understandable manner. The cost is very low and just $20 which is less than the market rate.

Everyone has a dream that we should be given the environment in which the test will be online in front of us, so here it is. PTE 3 Practice Tests is the series of 3 easy and tough mix and match online practice tests which you will taste just like giving the paper online. These tests will build your online experience and give you to meet the challenge in time. Fair price of this set is just $21.

When you have practiced enough and want to test where i am standing now, then this set of 4 practice tests named PTE Practice Tests Plus will give you some hard time and bulge your eyes out. This is really a game changer and tough luck for a test giver. But as you know Practice makes a man perfect, so its better to experience yourself from this bitter environment which will ease your online interaction on the day of test. This set of 3 practice tests will cost just $24.

All material is password protected, So in order to run the files, Please contact us and pay accordingly.
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