The whole test duration is in total 40 mins with 10 minutes of transfer time and then the remaining 30 minutes are for the test.


As IELTS plan to prepare you completely, their listening test is also very thoroughly planned because they indeed believe, that a language could be learnt best by the better skills of listening. The listening test consists of 40 questions which are a mixture of different types and this may include having to work on things or activities such as maps and matching, multiple choices, short question answers, completion of sentences, tables, summary, notes, and forms. One can surely notice that all these activities are very mundane and come in very handy every day. Therefore, IELTS has planned the test in a way that you actually get prepared for everything!


Test Parts:

The four sections are further divided as follows:

Section 1consists of two people conversing, mostly on a phone call about anything or it might be in the context of daily socialization. For instance, a conversation in a market.

Section 2 is a monologue which is based on social environment. For example, the speaker would guide the listener about a map or a route.

Section 3 is primarily based on people conversing i.e. a conversation between a student and a teacher or usually among two students. For example, a conversation between friends regarding the upcoming event in school.

Section 4, in this section the speaker actually presents a short extract of a long lecture and in between there is a break of 10 seconds as a gap.

The criteria for the above is that every section can be heard only once which will consist of different voices with difference of accents.


 Download Material:

Download set of Cambridge Practice Tests at just $16 to start practicing tests and gear yourself for the IELTS Tests. This set consists of all the practice tests of Cambridge and is recommended for all candidates either students or immigrants.

For those who have done some practice through Cambridge Books, should also try this book BarronsIELTStests. The price is just $20. It will consists of some hard tests to really prepare you for the IELTS experience.


For every correct answer, a student is awarded 1 mark and then out of total of 40 marks the obtained marks are translated into IELTS 9 bands. Marks are reported in either whole or a half band scale.

All material is password protected, So in order to run the files, Please contact us and pay accordingly.
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